Fighting poverty in the Grand-Duchy through social grocery stores

Fondation Pax Christi


Supporting access and development of “sozial Buttek” in Luxembourg

Poverty is a problem that affects even the richest countries, such as Luxembourg. This project helps the poorest by supporting the social grocery stores run by Caritas and the Luxembourgish Red Cross.


These structures offer their beneficiaries food and everyday products for a modest financial participation. Disadvantaged people thus see their purchasing power increase while having access to quality products. The grocery stores are also a social place that harbours conversations between people, a place where everyone's dignity is respected.


The “sozial Buttek” stores have several complementary objectives:


- fight against poverty

- strengthening solidarity and social ties

- promoting a balanced nutrition

- combating the waste of food products


In the past few years, several hundred people have benefited from this program and new grocery store openings are already planned.





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