Nature Reserve "Grote en Kleine Nete"

Fondation Campine Vivante


Preservation of the natural heritage of the Campine region.


The Natuurpunt Organisation is committed to protect the environment in Flanders. Its principal activities are the management of nature reserves and the increase of public awareness. The Organisation mainly works with volunteers, but also hires workers through job creation measures for the management of nature reserves. Natuurpunt buys or leases plots of land to subsequently declare them as nature reserves. The Organisation manages these plots in a sustainable manner by providing access to the public via awareness programmes on biodiversity and a respectful exploitation at tourism and recreational levels.


The Campine region is the largest green space in Flanders with several natural reserves offering versatile sceneries.


Natuurpunt is engaged in the creation and management of a nature reserve in the river basins of the Great and Little Nete. This initiative aims to preserve the riverine forests and wetlands in the vicinity of these two rivers between Balen and Helen. The project follows a long-term plan. Natuurpunt wishes to gradually acquire in the coming years new plots of land, protect them, manage them sustainably and make them publicly available.


For more information, visit the project's website by clicking here or by clicking on the Natuurpunt logo.





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