CVC Capital Partners Foundation - CLOSED

under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg

The foundation, now closed, had the objective to further development of Venture Philanthropy and to support the organizational development of charities with a focus on disadvantaged youth in Europe and other regions where CVC operates.

The objective of the CVC Capital Partners Foundation was to support organisations working in the public interest and more specifically:

  • To identify and support existing venture philanthropy organisations within our geographic area of operations 
  • Support the creation and growth of such organisations in the countries where venture philanthropy is at an early stage
  • To support charities identified by companies, or individuals associated with the CVC Group
  • Encourage the involvement and support of our staff in donating or providing pro bono skills to the charities and VP organisations we support. 


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The CVC Capital Partners Foundation expired in 2018.

 CVC Staff with children from the Amani refuge centre 



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