Fondation Philanthropia Europe celebrates the adoption of UN Resolution on persons with rare diseases

 On December 16th, 2021, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution recognizing the over 300 million Persons Living with a Rare Disease (PLWRD) worldwide and their families.


The landmark Resolution was the result of a 3-year, unrelenting advocacy campaign organized in part by Rare Diseases International, an organization supported by the Fondation Philanthropia Europe, under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg.


Further, the Resolution affirms that addressing the needs of PLWRD is essential to advancing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This includes access to education and decent work, reducing poverty, tackling gender inequality, and supporting the inclusion of PLWRD in society.


Advocates for PLWRD celebrated this milestone, which marks the beginning of what they hope will be greater integration of rare diseases in the agenda and priorities of the UN system, and in a larger sense, a much-needed shift in the global policy landscape.


The Fondation Philanthropia Europe is proud to support the organization Rare Diseases International and its capacity building programme for advocacy within the UN system, support which directly contributed to the successful adoption of the Resolution.


Read here the full joint press release from Rare Diseases International, the NGO Committee for Rare Diseases, and Eurodis Rare Diseases Europe.








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