Press release - 1 million euros in donations to COVID-19 causes in Luxembourg

A major milestone for COVID-19 relief efforts has been reached by the Fondation de Luxembourg and the Fondation COVID-19, under its aegis.   


In response to the rapidly deteriorating COVID-19 health crisis, the Fondation de Luxembourg saw an urgent need to mobilize funds to support emergency projects. In a show of solidarity and efficiency, the newly created Fondation COVID-19, under its aegis, was fully active within weeks. Now, just four months later, the Fondation de Luxembourg announces that donations have surpassed 1 million euros for pandemic- related projects.


Donations have come primarily from local entities including individuals, companies and their employees, as well as from foundations. Looking for a means to contribute in an efficient and useful way in the midst of a global pandemic, donors turned to the Fondation de Luxembourg for guidance. With its expertise and a network of trustworthy partners, the Fondation de Luxembourg was able to channel donations to urgent, vetted projects in the fields of healthcare, scientific research and social projects aimed to support people affected by the ongoing crisis.


Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of over 35 donors, more than twenty projects, primarily in Luxembourg, have thus far been supported. Some project highlights include the production of Tyvek 600+ protective clothing for healthcare workers in Luxembourg, as well as the purchase of a refrigerated van for the association Stëmm vun der Strooss to help deliver meals to homeless people. Support for Médécins du Monde has also provided temporary housing and healthcare for society’s most vulnerable members.


In addition, two major research projects are being funded in part thanks to the Fondation COVID-19. The first, a collaboration between the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) and a professor from the University of Luxembourg, studies the duration of the virus on different surfaces and materials. The second research project is working to develop a model of the virus’ propagation in the Greater Region.


Tonika Hirdman, Director General of the Fondation de Luxembourg, says the Fondation COVID-19 will remain active for as long as it serves its purpose. As many of the long- term consequences of the virus and its effects on society remain unknown, the projects supported will likely evolve in response.


For more information, visit the dedicated Fondation COVID-19 website:


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