Improving the quality of childhood education in Sri Lanka

ATOZ Foundation

The ATOZ Foundation, under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg, has partnered with PADEM to improve the quality of early childhood education and child protection in the Sri Lankan tea plantation region.



The tea plantation region in Sri Lanka is one of the poorest in the country with human development indicators below all national indicators. There are large inequalities in terms of access to education due to a lack of educated teachers and an unfavourable classroom environment. This project aims to combat school dropout and child labour by improving the quality of nursery and primary education. To achieve this, the project focuses on the development of school infrastructure through the renovation of schools, by creating access to water and by building playgrounds, thereby improving the children’s learning environment. 


The project covers six tea plantations and nine small villages nearby. In addition to developing the school infrastructure, the project also focuses on training teachers to adapt their teaching methods and on the creation of a community system for child protection. 


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