Supporting historical debates and conferences at Institute Pierre Werner

Fondation CANDIDA

The Fondation CANDIDA promotes the intercultural dialogues through its support of conferences and debates at the Institute Pierre Werner in Luxembourg.


The Institute Pierre Werner is a European cultural center in Luxembourg. It offers a place for intellectual exchanges between its founding countries: France, German and Luxembourg, among other european countries. Through a lively programme of debates and lectures, the Institute seeks to encourage the ideas of the Enlightenement, European citizenship and the humanist and democratic values developped following the Second World War.


The Fondation CANDIDA is proud to have supported the following events at the Institute Pierre Werner: 


2023: Interview with Claude Martin, former Ambassador of France to Germany and China


Born in the last days of the war, Claude Martin has always been interested in Germany. As Ambassador to Berlin, the new capital of reunified Germany, his top mission was to help reconstitute a solid Franco-German “couple”. For three decades, Martin took part in all European negotiations in which the “Franco-German engine” allowed Europe to move forward. In an interview with William Irigoyen (ARTE), he spoke about this long chapter of history, which formed the basis of his latest book, "Quand je pense à l'Allemagne, la nuit" (Editions de l'Aube, 02-2023).


© Institut Pierre Werner


2023: Conference-interview with economist Prof. Oded Galor


After presenting the major themes of his latest book, The Journey of Humanity: The Origins of Wealth and Inequality, Oded Galor sat down with journalist Alexander Hagelüken (Süddeutsch Zeitung) to further explore what his findings mean for the future.



2022: An interview with author David Van Reybrouck, by William Irigoyen

In a conversation with William Irigoyen (ARTE), David Van Reybrouck explores the historical research behind his latest work Revolusi: Indonesia and the Birth of the Modern World (2020, French translation, Actes Sud, 2022).
A recording of the conversation from October 22nd, 2022 can be viewed here.


William Irigoyen (gauche) et David Van Reybrouck © IPW


2022: An Interview with Géraldine Schwarz, by William Irigoyen


The French ARTE journalist William Irigoyen speaks with the Franco-German journalist and author Géraldine Schwarz on her work "Les Amnésiques", winner of the European Book Prize and published in 2017 (Flammarion).


This book, in which the author discovers that her grandparents collaborated with the Nazi regime, raises the crucial question of whether making citizens victims of history instead of holding them responsible opened the way to populism and weakened our democracies.     


Géraldine Schwarz © Astrid di Crollalanza


2021: Debate between Pascal Ory and Vincent Artuso (Mar. 9)


The French historian, Pascal Ory, speaks with Luxembourg historian, Vincent Artuso, on his most recent work "Qu'est-ce qu’une nation? », published in 2020 (Bibliothèques des histoires, Gallimard).


Pascale Ory © Francesca Mantovani – éditions Gallimard


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2020: Conference-debate with French historian Pierre Birnbaum (Oct. 15)


The French historian Pierre Birnbaum participated in a conference-debate with Vincent Artuso, a Luxembourg historian, on Birnbaum's most recent book, "La leçon de Vichy - Une histoire personnelle", published in 2019 (Seuil).


Pierre Birnbaum © E. Marchadour


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