Fondation Pierre Werner

sous l’égide de la Fondation de Luxembourg

In view of perpetuating the ideals and achievements of Pierre Werner, former Prime Minister of Luxembourg, the foundation supports research projects, studies, and conferences related to the European unification, monetary issues, democracy or human rights, in any country of the European continent.


In tribute to Pierre Werner, former Prime Minister of Luxembourg, and a deeply committed European, especially in the area of economic and monetary integration, the foundation supports projects in line with the ideas and convictions of this prominent politician.


The foundation may in addition support projects of educational, economical or political dimension that has significant relevance for the Grand Duchy, excluding any activity related to political elections.


The foundation allocates annual scholarships for postgraduate research that supports European integration. To find out more, visit:



Read the full Werner Report - October 8th, 1970, by clicking this link


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