Giving access to education thanks to Friendship’s Adult and Adolescent Literacy Program

Nurturing Dignity Foundation

Giving a chance to people in Bangladesh who never got access to education to learn basic literacy and numeracy.


The objective of this project is to give access to education to people from less favoured regions in Bangladesh. Better education leads indeed to greater prosperity, better health outcomes, less violence, more gender equality and improved natural environment.


The project not only focuses on eradicating illiteracy but also on ways to provide awareness, training and income generation skills to the most vulnerable people.


As far as the teachers are concerned, they must attend a 6-day basic training before starting teaching. All 73 teachers who attended the basic training followed the quarterly refresher training. The sessions help them to be more confident and give them the occasion to exchange their experience with other teachers and practice the lessons of the next quarter.

It is important to note that that in 2017, 100% of the learners were female!


Thanks to the Adult Literacy Program, the Nurturing Dignity Foundation succeeds in filling the gap in the most remote areas of Bangladesh. It helps people get control of their lives and improve their family liveihood thanks to education, training and job opportunities. 


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