Relation with the non-profit sector


The primary mission of the Fondation de Luxembourg is to guide and support donors and patrons wishing to make a commitment to a philanthropic project. The team of Fondation de Luxembourg listens to the donor and gives him advice and technical support with the elaboration and implementation of his own philanthropic project. In other words, the philanthropic aspirations of the donors determine which particular actions and projects are supported.


This support may take the form of prizes, grants or financial assistance for particular projects or programmes. The support is given to associations or individuals for activities focusing on the philanthropic objective defined by the donor.


Acknowledged as a public benefit foundation, the Fondation de Luxembourg has the express task of making sure that the supported causes are indeed in the public interest and are compliant with the laws and regulations applicable in this area. A Sheltered Foundation supports a cause and not any particular organisation. The persons or organisations benefiting from support for their projects are chosen as partners for the attainment of the donor’s philanthropic objective.


That being so, the Fondation de Luxembourg does not take part in any fundraising activities directed at the general public on behalf of any particular association.

"School-children", Photo Contest 2013 © Gert-Jan Bevers


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