Giving back to young entrepreneurs through philanthropy: how to make it sustainable? - 29.01.2020

Reporting from the Philanthropy Adviser Event held on January 29th, 2020



During the next 30 years, we will see an increasing number of aging populations in most regions of the world. On some continents such as Africa or South America however, the trend is different: the number of youth is growing more than anywhere else. These young people are in need of jobs that do not exist. Therefore the opportunity of creating their own business is essential for them.

On the occasion of our last Philanthropy Adviser Event held on January 29th at the Cercle Munster, Axel de Ville, Executive Adviser at ADA microfinance, a leading player in the area of inclusive finance, explained how philanthropy can contribute to boosting young entrepreneurs and job creation in developing countries. Due to their financial profile, it is difficult for young people to access funding from traditional players. In this context, philanthropy can be a major source of funding to these young entrepreneurs.

The YES Funding initiative provides an innovative and sustainable revenue-based funding mechanism, which involves the payment of royalties to the funders, based on the turnover generated. This initiative is being supported by local funders as well as international funders, such as foundations or private donors.


Following Axel de Ville’s inspiring presentation, Esther Meyer from Fondation de Luxembourg presented the outcome of a recent SRI surveconducted among the main Luxembourg banks concerning their SRI (socially responsible investment) offering and services. 


The Fondation de Luxembourg regularly organizes Philanthropy Adviser Events gathering senior wealth managers, private bankers and other financial advisers.  The objective is to create awareness about the current trends in European philanthropy and to share the latest news and good practices from the sector. This is an excellent opportunity to encourage wealth advisers to raise awareness among their clients about philanthropic giving.

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