Quality education in a safe environment for the children of Kokoro

ATOZ Foundation

The project aims to improve access to quality education for children aged 6 to 17 affected by the crisis in the Central African Republic


Most schools in CAR are overcrowded with few teachers with insufficient training. The sanitary conditions are equally poor and the students, mostly the female students, are exposed to many risks in terms of their safety.



To face this problem, the Atoz Foundation is supporting the renovation of a public school in the vicinity of Kokoro, a district of Bangui, the country’s capital. Like most schools in the country, it is considerably overcrowded, with only 12 classes for 4.500 students, bringing class size to 300 children per class. 


The renovation project is being implemented in collaboration with SOS Villages d’Enfants Monde and aims to renovate 12 classrooms and build and equip 3 others. In addition, educational kits will be distributed to the most vulnerable children and teachers are to be given training in positive education methods. Training for parents, guardians and members of the community is also planned in order to raise awareness of the importance of educating and protecting children in the community.



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