Singita Conservation Foundation

under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg

The Singita Conservation Foundation was founded with the ambition to protect the rare and rapidly diminishing biodiversity of unspoiled African wilderness for the benefit of future generations.


There is much to be done to protect these vulnerable and fragile ecosystems, which is why the Singita Conservation Foundation has centred its purpose around three pillars: Biodiversity Conservation, Sustainability and Community Development. These ideas serve to guide the foundation in its mission to promote nature, wildlife, land and marine conservation, as well as the upliftment of rural communities on the African continent.

To this end, the Singita Conservation Foundation supports initiatives such as:


  • supporting national and regional Nature Conservation Programmes and Areas;
  • financing scientific research that contributes towards the better management of Conservation Areas and Wildlife in Africa;
  • supporting Anti-Poaching initiatives and projects related to endangered and threatened species in Africa;
  • and supporting the neighboring communities of Nature Conservation Areas by providing Educational, Environmental Awareness, Skills Development, Enterprise Development and Job Creation programmes, among others.




                                Singita means ‘Place of Miracles’ in the Shangaan language



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