ATOZ Foundation

sous l’égide de la Fondation de Luxembourg

The foundation's objective is to support educational projects both at an academic level in the fields of international taxation, economics and law and finance, and at an undergraduate level in Luxembourg and beyond.


Besides educational projects, the ATOZ Foundation intends to support projects promoting social cohesion with the aim of improving the living conditions of disadvantaged youth or people affected by disease.


Founded by ATOZ Tax Advisers, an independent advisory firm based in Luxembourg, the ATOZ Foundation reflects the desire of its founders to contribute to the local community by sharing the benefits of their work with those less fortunate and to put their experience and their time at the service of people in need.


Thus, the support consists of both financial contributions and of voluntary services by the employees of the company.


The ATOZ Foundation is willing to engage in long-term support of a limited number of projects and, in addition, it wishes to distribute one-off grants to specific projects, as well as to provide scholarships. 




“It is an absolute pleasure to work with the Fondation de Luxembourg for our sheltered foundation. In terms of administration and management, they act with great enthusiasm and utmost professionalism. We have always maintained a successful and rewarding working relationship. Most importantly, they truly understand our objectives and have always been able to put us in contact with organizations where we feel we can make the biggest difference. For example, as initiator, we have chosen to focus our efforts on education, and helping us finance the cost of educating students of all ages through the ATOZ Foundation projects, such as Dys-positif, the ATOZ Chair or LCSB, goes hand in hand with our values.”

Keith O'Donnell, Managing Partner ATOZ



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