Fondation Notre Dame

under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg

The Fondation Notre Dame is dedicated to the preservation of the cultural and architectural heritage of the Cathedral Notre Dame de Luxembourg.


The Fondation Notre Dame supports the conservation, restoration and enhancement of the Cathedral Notre Dame de Luxembourg so that future generations can enjoy this cultural treasure.


The Cathedral Notre Dame de Luxembourg, situated in the Heart of the capital, dominates the city with its presence. The Cathedral’s rich history is reflected in its architecture: a mix of classicism and elegance. The Cathedral Notre Dame de Luxembourg is deeply rooted in the life of the city and the country. Its architectural design and artworks are an expression of Luxembourg’s history and traditions.


The Cathedral’s origins date back to the former Jesuit College opened in 1603. During the following centuries, the cathedral underwent expansions and transformations in various stages that can still be seen in the variety of artistic and architectural styles.


It is especially worth mentioning the following elements that make up the rich cultural heritage of the Cathedral:


  • the statue of Maria Consolatrix Afflictorum, Patroness of the City of Luxembourg and the Grand Duchy appears dressed as a statue, according to a tradition practiced in Western Christianity since the late Middle Ages;

  • the crypt containing the tombs of bishops and the vault of the Grand Ducal family. In the crypt, John the Blind, King of Bohemia and count of Luxembourg has also found his final resting place;

  • stained glass windows, paintings, murals and sculptures made by many renowned artists.

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