Fondation Josée Wolter-Hirtt

under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg

The Foundation’s main objective is to finance scientific research in the area of cancer, as well as to provide support for cancer patients. The Foundation may also finance organizations providing medical assistance to the most vulnerable populations in Asia.


The Founders’ word:


« As a tribute to my wife and our mother, we decided to create a foundation to commemorate the exemplary courage and energy with which Josée fought and resisted this relentless disease. Without ever complaining of her fate and above all with her continuous positive mindset that she would come out victorious of this unequal fight, she underwent all the medical treatments available to defeat this illness, which ultimately took her away. After a struggle of almost two years, she fell asleep peacefully, surrounded by her loved ones.


May her memory be honored by this foundation and may this foundation, on the one hand contribute to give courage and hope to all the people affected by this disease, and on the other hand, advance scientific research to better combat it, while also supporting humanitarian organizations in providing medical care to the most vulnerable people throughout Asia.»



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