Fondation Prairial

under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg


The Fondation Prairial seeks to support the development of social entrepreneurship in Europe (and more specifically in France) in the fight against social exclusion and precarious situations by providing financial support, directly or indirectly, to individuals or organisations (such as non-profit or cooperative organisations) promoting projects in that field.


« Each generation, without a doubt, feels its destiny is to reinvent the world. Mine though is aware that it will not. But its task may be even greater. It is about preventing the world from unravelling.»

A. Camus (The Stockholm banquet speech)



The foundation was created by a French family living in France, which has been involved in the Luxembourg economy for over 20 years.


The founders, through the foundation, wish to be involved in repositioning the human dimension to the heart of the economic activity and more specifically to support:


  • The development of projects promoting diversity and entreprenieural freedom, including facilitating the establishment of new businesses for entrepreneurs with modest financial means
  • The sustainable development of suburbian areas or countries facing important economic and social issues
  • The development of fair partnerships promoting economic democracy
  • The development of generally accepted evaluation criteria to promote social and environmental added value


The initiatives supported by the foundation must definitely:


  • Be a vector of positive, sustainable and measurable change for the identified beneficiaries
  • Reinforce the autonomy (capacity of leading its own life) and connectivity (capacity of forming social ties) of the individuals concerned
  • Be economically viable
  • Respect the environment.


They should potentially be:


  • Easy to replicate
  • Socially innovative.

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