Majany Foundation

under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg

The Majany Foundation was created with the ambition to fight poverty and support children's education, as well as to restore and protect natural environments and to aid vulnerable populations most affected by a warming planet.


Founded in 2014 and inaugurated under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg in 2022, the Majany Foundation has long supported projects that reduce poverty and improve children's access to education. Its founders are personally invested in the well-being of future generations, and have taken on an active role of regularly visiting projects that have received the Foundation's support.


To ensure a better future for today's children, the Majany Foundation also supports projects that restore natural environments, including fighting deforestation and aiding the world's poorest populations, who now find themselves on the front line of global warming's harmful effects.


The Majany Foundation may also provide support during humanitarian crises on an ad hoc basis.


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