The Maor Ben Zion Foundation

under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg

The objective is to improve social cohesion and tolerance through educational support.


The founders are guided by the conviction that a better education will lead to more tolerance among people. In order to achieve its objective of social cohesion and tolerance, the Mao Ben Zion Foundation supports, through pedagogical programming, primarily elementary schools in socially and economically disadvantaged neighbourhoods. 



While originally active in Israel with the express hope that such pedagogical interventions could contribute towards a more peaceful society and help ease ethnic tensions, the foundation has since expanded its efforts and scope internationally.


The flagship project supported by the foundation is concerned with the cultivation and the giving of better opportunities and hope to children in the area of Petach Tikva, one of the oldest cities of modern Israel.  Founded in 1878, the city has seen substantial development from an agricultural pioneer project to a modern industrial city. This development has attracted immigrants from all over the world who settled in communities surrounding the city. The project concentrates on public kindergartens in lower socio-economic neighbourhoods.  


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