Maison de la Vie offers retreats for cancer survivors

Fondation Engeleefer

Maison de la Vie retreats offer a dedicated space for cancer survivors as they transition back to work and everyday life.


Returning to work and everyday life can present unique challenges for cancer survivors. The Maison de la Vie project aims to accompany participants through this period, while offering them a peaceful retreat where they can share with others and participate in activities centered their well-being.


The Maison de la Vie welcomes groups of 7-10 people for 5-day stays at various locations in France. In close proximity to nature, the different locations are each run by professional teams who guide participants through activities centered around 5 main themes: exercise, nutrition, sharing with other participants, trying new things and self-discovery, and practicing self-care. Through these activities, the retreats offer participants a moment to relax while benefiting from the company of others who have had a similar experience. 



Since 2015, over 300 people have participated in over 40 organized stays. Looking forward, Maison de la Vie hopes to be able to welcome a greater number of people and from all over the world. 


The challenges of adjusting to life after cancer are often overlooked. Thanks to the Fondation Engeleefer and the association Siel Bleu, Maison de la Vie provides cancer survivors a safe space and helpful tools as they begin to navigate their new, healthy lives.


Maison de la Vie is just one of many ways that the Fondation Engeleefer and the association Siel Bleu are working towards improving the lives of those in difficulty, whether due to aging, handicap, chronic illness or disruptive life events.



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