Training prison staff to recognize and respond to radicalization among inmates

Prison inmates are at a heightened risk for radicalization, but through specialized training, prison staff can play a key role in identifiying potential cases of radicalization and improving interactions with already radicalized inmates.

Dons au musée des Arts décoratifs

Fondation La Marck

Une paire de coupes en carton laqué rouge

Emotional healing for children through animal-assisted therapy

Fondation Marienburg

The animal-assisted therapies of the programme Op de Patten help children overcome traumatic experiences with the help of donkeys, horses, guinea pigs, and other animal friends.

Dons au musée Jean de La Fontaine

Fondation La Marck

Un portrait présumé de Jean de La Fontaine, par l'artiste Gabriel Revel (1643-1712).

2022 Science for Society Prize Empowering Evidence-Informed Public Debates

Science for Society Foundation

During a ceremony on March 28th, 2023 the second annual Science for Society Prize was awarded to the Research Luxembourg COVID-19 Task Force, represented by Prof. Paul Wilmes of the University of Luxembourg.





Teaching Philanthropy to the Next Generation of Wealth Advisers - 22.09.2022

For the eighth time, Tonika Hirdman, Fondation de Luxembourg Director General, taught a 2-day course on philanthropy as part of the Master in Wealth Management of the University of Luxembourg.

  • Start date : 22.09.2022 09:00
  • End date : 23.09.2022 16:00

Call for submissions: Logo design competition

The Auguste van Werveke-Hanno Foundation

The foundation invites young graphic designers and artists to submit their most colorful and creative designs that could serve as the foundation’s new visual identity.

Dons au musée Condé à Chantilly

Fondation La Marck




Dons au musée d'Orléans

Fondation La Marck

Palma le Jeune (c1548-1628), La Naissance de la Vierge


© Musée d'Orléans / Thierry Ollivier

Dons au musée d'Orléans

Fondation La Marck

En 2022, deux dons ont été faits au musée des Beaux-Arts d'Orléans.





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