Affordable housing for students of the University of Luxembourg

Fondation Schleich-Lentz

The recently renovated ‘Maison Schleich-Lentz’ offers affordable housing for up to 8 students from the University of Luxembourg.

The "Maison Schleich-Lentz" in Limpertsberg

Recycling centers in Karoo, South Africa create employment and encourage sustainability

The Covenant Foundation

Two new recycling centers aim to create job opportunities and encourage sustainability for impoverished rural communities in Karoo, South Africa.

Emergency COVID-19 relief for health centres in India

Maßvoll Stiftung

In response to the catastrophic rise in COVID-19 cases in India in May 2021, the Massvoll Stiftung, under our aegis, launched an emergency support through the organization Médecins sans Frontières.



MSF Medical Doctor Interpreting Chest X-Ray of a six-year-old MDR TB girl patient. 

© Atul Loke

Prix d'Excellence 2021

Fondation Enovos

In honour of its 10th edition, the "Prix d'Excellence" of the Fondation Enovos was awarded to this year's laureates at a special ceremony on October 29th, 2021

Fondation Norbert et Poupette Graas-Lavie

under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg

The Fondation Norbert et Poupette Graas-Lavie aims to support vulnerable children, particularly in the fields of education and health. The Foundation also supports projects related to cultural heritage in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

COVID Kids: How the pandemic affects children's well-being

COVID-19 Foundation

A study at the University of Luxembourg takes a closer look at the influence of social isolation and school closure on children’s and adolescents’ well-being and education.

Simulating COVID-19 pandemic exit strategies

COVID-19 Foundation

Teams from the University of Luxembourg and the Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust developped a tool to simulate safe and effective exit strategies from the pandemic.

HorCoVIS: A study on Covid-19 infection severity

COVID-19 Foundation

A team at the Luxembourg Institute of Health analyzed how the hormonal status of patients prior to an infection could be associated with the severity of their symptoms and possibly used as a predictive tool.

A support network for homeless people

COVID-19 Foundation

The Fondation COVID-19 supported an initiative led by the association Entourage that informed and guided homeless people during the initial lockdown, making sure they had access to basic necessities.


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