Secure emergency transport of COVID-19 patients

COVID-19 Foundation

Equipping Luxembourg Air Rescue stretchers with protective shells to transport vulnerable COVID-19 patients.

Fondation Jacqueline NOEL

under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg

The Fondation Jacqueline NOEL grants merit-based scholarships for students pursuing Masters or Doctorate studies in Europe, and in the fields of Economics or International Development.

Bringing sustainable energy to rural areas of Togo

The Mangrove Foundation

Togo's population faces major disparities in energy access between urban and rural areas. While 74% of urban residents enjoy relatively stable access to energy, just 5% of the rural population has the same chance. The Mangrove Foundation supports the distribution of equipment in rural areas that provides sustainable and cost-efficient energy.

Supporting grassroots organisations in Amazonia

Wild Flowers Foundation

The Wild Flowers Foundation supports socio-environmental initiatives to provide training, awareness and legal support to grassroots communities and organizations in Amazonia, Brazil.

Providing safe drinking water to rural Cuba

The Mangrove Foundation

In the province of Holguin, Cuba, the Mangrove Foundation supports an initiative that improves the treatment process for drinking water and increases its availability in rural areas.

Hypercholesterolemia screening programme for schoolchildren in Luxembourg

Fondation Coeur - Daniel Wagner

Launch of a new screening programme in the city of Luxembourg’s public primary schools to detect early cases of hypercholesteremia.

Optimising electricity supply through incentivized electric car charging

Fondation Enovos

The Fondation Enovos is supporting the research project INDUCTIVE which seeks to utilize electric car charging flexibility to balance the demand on energy suppliers.



Dons pour Bagatelle

Fondation La Marck

La Fondation La Marck est engagée pour la sauvegarde du Château de Bagatelle.

Singita Conservation Foundation

under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg

The Singita Conservation Foundation was founded with the ambition to protect the rare and rapidly diminishing biodiversity of unspoiled African wilderness for the benefit of future generations.


William Kentridge Exhibition

The Loo & Lou Foundation

The Loo & Lou Foundation is supporting the latest exhibition of the artist William Kentridge (b. 1955, Johannesburg) at Mudam.


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