“Méi a besser léieren” Project

ATOZ Foundation


Individualised support by professionals to help children who have problems at school.



The “Kannerland” home in Luxembourg City holds 24 children aged 5 to 18 years. The majority of these children were placed in this home following a Court’s decision, in order to escape a family situation that became unbearable.


Because of past difficult experiences and social disadvantages, some children show deficiencies at the educational level. These difficulties often lead to social exclusion at school. However, in today’s world, academic achievement is more important than ever. It determinates business opportunities and increases the chance to fulfill one’s contribution to society. An individualised assistance provided by professionals trained in this matter allows the children of Kannerland to grow and regain confidence. Thanks to the collaboration between the Atoz Foundation and the Kannerland home, school monitoring at an individual level can be performed. With the financial support, Kannerland is able to recruit a teacher dedicated to ensure the on-going academic reinforcement.


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