Les Bourses Michelle

Fondation Michelle - CLOSED


These scholarships are open to talented young classical musicians from Luxembourg and Europe.


The foundation’s German patron loved opera and classical music, and wished to promote culture by financially supporting talented young people, thereby enabling them to continue their musical training and to develop their skills.


The goal of the scholarship programme was to favour creativity and expertise by granting performing artists the resources needed to pursue various activities related to their artistic careers.


Nine types of scholarship were offered:



The scholarships range from 500 to 7,000 euros. The exact modalities have been worked out with the relevant institutions and music conservatories. The total amount to be disbursed is 70,000 euros per year over five consecutive years. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of application materials submitted to the Fonds culturel national, which will draw up a shortlist of candidates in conjunction with partner institutions. The final awards will be made by the Fondation Michelle’s executive committee, chaired by Ralf Britten.


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