Film Excellence Scholarships at Sapir Academic College

Fondation Mazalbert

Offering new opportunities for excelling students from disadvantaged backgrounds to study and create films without financial stress.


Sapir College is located in Sha’ar Hanegev, near the town of Sderot and less than 2 miles from the border with Gaza. As Israel’s largest public college, it provides students with high-quality and accessible college education, allowing them to achieve greater economic and social mobility and improved quality of life.


In 2022, the Fondation Mazalbert helped to launch a scholarship initiative for film students in Sapir College’s School of Audio and Visual Arts, one of Israel’s leading film schools. The scholarships aim to support disadvantaged students under economic stress, including women and people from minority groups such as Mizrachi, Haredi, and Bedouin, among others.


Each year, the number of scholarships and the amount granted are intended to increase. In 2022, three students were awarded a scholarship, and in 2023, 5 scholarships will be awarded.


Two of the 2022 scholarship winners, Lihi Nachmani and Ofir Chabot, with Mrs. Efrat Corem (left), head of the Film Studies track at Sapir College.



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