Fondation Pierre Werner 2024 Scholarship

Fondation Pierre Werner

The Fondation Pierre Werner scholarships are intended to support research and study projects relating to European unification, monetary matters, democracy or human rights in all countries of the European continent.


At the meeting of the Fondation Pierre Werner management committee held on June 11, 2024, it was decided to grant the Pierre Werner Scholarships for the year 2024 to four candidates. This decision was based on the opinion of the pre-selection jury from the University of Luxembourg, composed of Professors Josip Glaurdic, Pierre Picard, André Prüm, and Denise Elaine Fletcher, who is also Head of the FDEF Research Committee.


The successful candidates for 2024 are:


  • Francesca Finelli (Italian), pursuing research at the Doctoral School of Law (DSL) on “Countering Circumvention of Targeted Sanctions: A Comparative Analysis.”
  • Isabella Lorenzoni (Italian), also from DSL, researching “The More Digital and Data-Driven Approach to Competition Law.”
  • David Marguerit (French), researcher at the Doctoral School in Economics, Finance, and Management (DSEFM) conducting research on “Artificial Intelligence, Automation, And Job Content: Implications For Wages, Job Mobility, And Training.”
  • Andela Micanovic (Montenegrin), from the Institute of Political Sciences (ISP), investigating “The (Un)intentional Failure of Europeanization: The EU and Democratic Backsliding in Southeast Europe.”



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