A mobile library for the support of children’s education

A mobile library for the support of children’s education

Fondation Mosaïque


Acquisition of a “bibliobus” to combat illiteracy in Cambodia.


After 20 years of war, in 1991, Cambodia regained its independence but the country was drained of blood and it was necessary to rehabilitate the education system. The NGO SIPAR was asked by the Cambodian Ministry of Education to actively participate in this rehabilitation, to fight against illiteracy and to develop school reading and public reading.


Through the establishment of libraries in public schools and "bibliobuses", a mobile library system, contribute to the emergence of a culture of reading in a wide range of environments; in schools, rural communities, suburbs, hospitals, orphanages, factories and prisons. The bibliobus brings books to those who do not have access to them.


Thanks to the support of Fondation Mosaïque, a tenth bibliobus takes books to the disadvantaged villages and suburbs of Phnom Penh. This mobile library allows children to discover books, to approach them and to create interest in reading from an early age.



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