NOSY FALY: a sustainable development project

Akuo Foundation


Combining local economic development and respect for ecosystems and human wellbeing in the island Nosy Faly close to Madagascar


Nosy Faly is a small island off the northwest coast of Madagascar. It is here that the Akuo Foundation is involved in a sustainable development project for the protection of the island in collaboration with the association Nosy Faly. Together they wish to demonstrate that it is possible to combine local economic development and respect of ecosystems and human well-being.


This project will improve the living conditions of the island’s inhabitants by giving them means to preserve their environment.

The objectives are:

  • The classification of a natural area to protect the island and its biodiversity.
  • Sustainable agricultural training techniques.
  • The construction of an alternative and green school, which will include activities to learn manual skills. A strong emphasis will be placed on educating children for the protection of fauna and flora.
  • The establishment of a farm to generate jobs and revenues.
  • The farm will also guarantee a local production and will improve food diversity.



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