Projet ONE à Ourgench en Ouzbékistan

Stiftung Pflanzen für Menschen - CLOSED


Project ONE’s objective is to contribute in ensuring children’s rights in the Khorezm region in Uzbekistan. The purpose is to guarantee a secured family support type and to ensure a quality educational environment for the children involved who have lost parental support or who are at risk of losing it.


The three components of our program are:

  • Family care

Children without family care will receive an alternative family-type care. In order to achieve this, the organisation SOS Children's Villages plans to buy three family houses in the city of Urgench, receiving in return two additional houses provided by the local government. Competent SOS mothers will host at least 30 children in these homes.
Meanwhile, 30 children in foster care will benefit from higher quality standards care through the training of tutors and by means of reinforcing the capacities of the officials responsible for managing these homes at the regional level.

  • Strengthening families at risk of rupture

SOS Children's Villages provides training, legal and psychosocial counselling to parents and guardians to ensure that families are strengthened in their capacity to manage both their social and economic situations. It is also expected that this element of the program will help families increase their monthly income.

  • Improving the quality of education

The children who benefit from the program should first gain access to kindergartens and schools of quality, which they should attend regularly. Project ONE’s program will then aim to improve the quality of education by providing training for teachers who will adopt an inclusive educational methodology. Finally, the purchase of computers will allow schools to move towards new educational paths.
Advocacy for children's rights continues as a cross through the three components of the ONE program Khorezm theme.



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