Renovation of a dispensary in Madagascar

The project’s overall objective is to improve the medical situation in the region of Fort Dauphin in Madagascar


Located 1,200 km from the capital, this isolated region is in great need of improved health care access for its habitants. By renovating a dispensary, equipping it with medical equipment and training the staff, the updated premises will also be able to accommodate a doctor, a physiotherapist and a pharmacy. 


Cost is a main obstacle for the local population in deciding whether to go to a health center. By covering the majority oftotal expenses of the dispensary, the patient’s fees will be significantly reduced.



The direct beneficiaries of the project, managed by the local NGO Tsara Fo, are the population of the urban commune of Fort Dauphin as well as the patients of neighboring communes and districts. For them, it is easier to access Fort Dauphin than the capital. The addition of a local dispensary will also ease the burden on hospital structures.


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