School enrollment in the Agadez region of Niger

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The aim is to double the number of children attending school in three years. 


Recent major crises of malnutrition in the Sahel region have had serious consequences. Hoping to find enough food to survive, many nomads settled with their families around the city of Agadez, creating huge shantytowns. In these precarious conditions, primary education is inaccessible to the poorest families. The enrollment rate is currently 31%.


The school enrollment project in Agadez aims to double the number of schoolchildren in only three years. This will be achieved by building seven primary schools and by providing support for the professional development of teachers . These efforts will be accompanied by a center for street children in Agadez and income generating activities for the poorest families, such as support for women to improve their craft production. The construction of 15 wells and the establishment of eight community stores will also be provided.

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