Supporting research fellows at the University of Oxford's Keble College foundation - FERMÉE

Through a collaboration with the Keble College at the University of Oxford, the Emmy Network supported and brought together researchers with a senior visiting fellowship and graduate scholarship.


In its aim to develop an international multidisciplinary ecosystem, the Emmy Network launched in 2020 a new collaboration with the University of Oxford's Keble College. By awarding fellowships and scholarships, this new collaboration hopes to bring together researchers from a growing global network to improve understandings of social, cognitive and conceptual systems. Recipients can come from various fields of expertise, from mathematics and physics, to biology and economics.


In 2020, the Emmy Network awarded a visiting senior Fellowship to Professor Joël Ouaknine, and the Stephen Cameron Scholarship, named in honor of Dr. Stephen Cameron, to DPhil candidate Julian D'Costa.



Professor Joël Ouaknine              Julian D'Costa       


Professor Ouaknine studied mathematics and theoretical computer science at McGill and Oxford, and has held academic posts at Tulane, Carnegie Mellon, Oxford (where he became Full Professor in 2010), the Ecole Normale Supérieure, and the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS), where he was appointed as Scientific Director in 2016.

His research interests span a range of topics broadly connected to dynamical systems and theoretical computer science, with strong interactions with mathematics (especially number theory, Diophantine geometry, algebraic geometry, and mathematical logic).


Julian D’Costa studied mathematics at the Indian Institute of Science on a KVPY Fellowship, and has also worked in synthetic biology, machine learning and dynamical systems.

His research interests center around applying mathematical tools to understand the structure and capabilities of intelligent systems. He is currently interested in quantum information, AI safety, and algorithmic verification of programs.

Julian began in August 2020 as a DPhil candidate in computer science and Stephen Cameron Scholar at Keble College, Oxford.


Click here to read more about this new collaboration in the 2020 Keble Review (pg 14).



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