Therapeutic support for Alzheimer patients

Fondation Wivine

The "Dalcroze Rhythmik" and animal-assisted approach to therapy


According to official estimates, a new case of dementia occurs every 7 seconds in the world. Nowadays we are not able to cure dementia, but there are treatments that slow down the progression of the disease, alleviate the symptoms and improve the quality of life of the person concerned.


Among these initiatives, two projects set up in collaboration with the Association Luxembourg Alzheimer aim to support patients with this disease:


The "Dalcroze Rhythmik", a dance and rhythm therapy project based on the principles of E.J. Dalcroze, provides positive therapeutic effects oto patients. Movements and exercises allow patients to increase self-confidence and gain greater security in their movements. Experience shows that the risk for a fall for these patients decreases by nearly 50%.


The animal-assisted therapy project: a support dog intervenes in the care of people with Alzheimer's disease at the "Beim Goldknapp" home, bringing solace and consolation to the patients and their families. Studies have shown that the presence of dogs decreases stress, increases physical activity, relieves depression and anxiety, calms and motivates patients and helps to normalize difficult situations.













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