Understanding Jewish history through literary works

Fondation Mazalbert

With the aim of promoting critical thinking, the Fondation Mazalbert regularly supports the publication of works that examine topics relating to Jewish history and associated contemporary issues.


In 2022


« Haguim les fêtes Juives » by Raphaël Sadin

A book which seeks to deepen the understanding of Jewish traditions in an education format, for French and English-speaking readers.


HAGUIM les fêtes juives - Rav Raphaël SADIN



« L’antisémitisme, ou le dragon à quatre têtes » by Raphaël Sadin and Antoine Mercier

A singular overview of Jewish history, this study that explains the evolution of anti-semitism through the history of the four Empires.


        L'antisémitisme ou le dragon à quatre têtes de Raphaël Sadin ,Antoine  Mercier - Les Editions du cerf


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