Fondation Espoir - CLOSED

under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg

Fondation Espoir, now closed, supported victims of female genital mutilation.


The main aim of the foundation was to support victims of FGM (female genital mutilation). The founders of Fondation Espoir were inspired by social and cultural studies on theoretical aspects of female circumcision conducted over the last few years. FGM or female circumcision poses a significant threat to a lot of contemporary women. Every day thousands of girls from early childhood to 15 years old are exposed to painful and humiliating circumcision procedures. Such operations result in partial or complete ablation of external genitalia and seriously harm women’s physical and mental health. Most victims of FGM belong to vulnerable populations of Asian and African countries.


The foundation aimed to help women who have undergone FGM to eliminate pain, adverse side effects of operations and to gain diagnosis and cure for diseases caused by circumcision. The program provided assistance to victims of FGM by means of restorative treatment and high-tech surgical operations in the most up-to-date European clinics. The foundation also provided help to children and adults who were in urgent need of medical treatments locally in Luxemburg and all over the world. The foundation covered transportation costs and provided accommodation for patients during the treatment. Fondation Espoir gave hope to hundreds of people to live a full and happy life.


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