The Loo & Lou Foundation

under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg


The Loo & Lou Foundation promotes Art Creation and Contemporary Art


The Loo & Lou Foundation’s spirit is based on humanism and sustainable development principles. Its intention is to make a difference and contribute to build a better world by creating more links between people, in a society where there is less and less understanding of each other's perspective which inturn is generating more violence, more crises and more conflicts.


The Loo & Lou Foundation believes that the act of Art Creation and Contemporary Art are two very powerful vehicles that serve great purposes. Contributing to their promotion has a direct impact that creates more links between people.


The name of the Foundation, “ the Loo & the Lou Foundation” is a direct reference to this intention of forming new links and to make more sense in today's society. A link between the Extreme Orient and the Western world, a link between the South and the North hemispheres, a link between tradition and modernity, and a link between human beeings, all the same but each different… By discovering each other’s universe, by listening to each other and by exchanging with each other they are bringing more sense to society.


The Loo & Lou Foundation supports artists, events and projects with the aim of stimulating the desire to discover, understand, create and get involved in creative design and contemporary art.


As dedicated protagonists in the field of sustainable development, we are convinced that in a world of inequalities and disruptions, leading to the loss of social ties and references, creative work and contemporary art can be powerful tools, that allow for the rebuilding of social links which will contribute to a better societal coexistence between people and cultures.


The Loo & Lou Foundation supports initiatives that stimulate the desire to:

  • DISCOVER artists and their artwork;
  • UNDERSTAND; (referring to initiatives favoring the access to education and knowledge);
  • CREATE; (in the sense of: projects promoting the experience of artistic creation)
  • ENGAGE; (in the sense of: initiatives supporting vocations to pursue a career in art)



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