The Meaning of Worlds: An installation by Flo Arnold in Metz

The Loo & Lou Foundation

The Loo & Lou Foundation supports the artist Flo Arnold during the 2023 Constellations festival in Metz.


@ Fondation Loo & Lou


From June 22 to September 2, 2023, the artist Flo Arnold will participate in the Constellations festival in Metz. On occasion, visitors to the annual cultural event will be able to discover her work, "The Meaning of Worlds". Of Franco-Moroccan origin, Arnold sculpts with light and paper, with the final installation accompanied by a sound composition by Antoine Bataille. Her backlit work relies on water-repellent Japanese white paper shaped over brass frames, resulting in a sculpture that incites the visitor to consider identity hybridizations as they are  constructed, transmitted and told from generation to generation.



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