Giving girls in Mongolia equal access to education

Maßvoll Stiftung

Improving school infrastructure so that girls can comfortably attend school through all stages of their adolescence.


While Mongolia enjoys a high enrollment rate for schoolchildren (96% for elementary schools and 94% for secondary schools), girls remain consistently at a disadvantage within the school system. Not only are they excluded from studying certain subjects, such as science and technology, they are excluded from school itself by a lack of adequate infrastructure for proper hygiene and sanitation.


Through a multi-year support of UNICEF, the Maßvoll Stiftung aims to contribute to the strengthening of sanitation infrastructure in schools so that girls may comfortably attend class through all stages of their adolescence. In addition, greater attention to girls’ mental health in school, promoting their inclusion in science and tech subjects, and offering better access to distance learning options are the objectives of the project.


Another notable aspect of the support has been for the creation of “Dignity Rooms” for girls in two dormitories in Bayankhongor aimag. The girls-only rooms are designed to be dedicated safe spaces for hosting information sharing meetings about women's hygiene, or simply to relax, study, and talk freely with friends. The rooms are an innovative solution to promoting mental and menstrual health for young girls, empowering them to pursue their studies with confidence.



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