Responding to climate change through mangrove protection in the Philippines

The Mangrove Foundation

The mangrove forests in the region of Panguil Bay in the Philippines play a critical in providing necessary ressources for the local population.


They stabilize soils and trap sediments, serve as nursery ground and refuge for fish and marine life and provide fisheries resources.  However these mangrove forests are being deteriorated by illegal logging and flash floods.


Since 2011, through the cooperation between the Mangrove Foundation, LAFCCOC Inc. an ONG from the Philippines and the Luxembourg based NGO Wega Aide Humanitaire, 13.000 trees have been planted in this area. 

The second phase of the project, starting in 2013, involves the expansion of the establishment, restoration, protection and sustainable utilization of mangrove areas.  In addition a fishpond will be set up to ensure economic sustainability for the local populations.


The key principles of the project are the following :

  • launch coastal clean-up activities
  • organise mangrove seedlings planting campaigns
  • raise awareness about mangrove protection, equip and train local mangrove farmers 
  • develop the fishpond




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