The Mangrove Foundation

under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg

is an initiative of Mangrove Capital Partners, whose leaders strongly believe that it becomes imperative to act and to encourage others to act in view of preserving and saving our planet.


By raising public awareness and by supporting various organizations, people and projects that present viable and sustainable solutions to today’s most urgent environmental and socio-economic problems, the Sheltered Foundation seeks to preserve our planet as a suitable habitat for future generations. To achieve this, the Sheltered Foundation will fund and support coherent and participatory approaches that address today’s key challenges: Overpopulation and the depletion of our environment.

These two major issues are closely linked: the overpopulation in some parts of the world has an increasing impact on the deterioration of the environment through deforestation, overexploitation of resources, rarefaction of drinking water, extinction of thousands of animal and plant species, climate change, etc.
The Mangrove Foundation offers support to organisations aiming to find and to implement specific or global solutions.  The founders do not restrict their contribution to a financial aid, but will be involved personally in the supported projects.  To ensure the achievement of concrete and measurable results, the founders will follow the projects on the ground by bringing in their professional experience.
The combination of know-how and a proven method of selecting and monitoring innovative companies have made the success of Mangrove Capital Partners in the world of venture capital and private equity.  The founders wish to apply these same promising techniques in the process of selection and monitoring of the supported philanthropic projects.  Nevertheless, the return on investment will not be measured in financial terms but with regard to the social impact in the areas targeted by the Mangrove Foundation.
The Mangrove Foundation will also offer support to philanthropic projects conducted in Luxembourg, as long as the supported cause meets the founders’ conviction and commitment.


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