Women empowerment in India

The Mangrove Foundation


Helping women in India to gain more self-confidence. 


In India, the world’s largest democracy, 8.2 % of the population are tribal people. These tribal groups often live in poverty in remote, exclusive and inhospitable areas with a livelihood based on primitive agriculture and a low-value closed economy. Despite their hard work, tribal women receive little income, are less literate than men and suffer from malnutrition. This project supported by the Mangrove Foundation in collaboration with the Holy Cross India aims to improve tribal women livelihood across 10 villages in India through:


  • Promotion of positive self esteem and the forming of groups to develop a collective voice
  • Providing training on sales and marketing techniques
  • Ensuring improved and sustainable forest governance, as they depend on forest products like tree oils, cinnamon and tamarind
  • Reducing rural exodus



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